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What is Hyaluronic Acid ?

Hyaluronic acid is a GAG (glycoaminoglycan). Its name comes from the Greek "hyalos" (vitreous) in reference to the vitreous body where it was discovered and also from "uronic" because it has a high level of uronic acid.

Acide Hyaluronique

Hyaluronic acid is one of the principal components of the extracellular matrix of the connective tissue. It is a disaccharide polymer composed of D-glucuronic acid, D-n-glucuronic acid and D-n-acetylglucosamine connected to each other by glycoside bonds.

Discovered in 1954 by Karl Meyer and John Palmer, hyaluronic acid, also called hyaluronan, is an extremely long polymer with linear and uniform chemical structure, ubiquitous and without species or organ specificity.

In physiological conditions, it is found in the form of a sodium salt - sodium hyaluronate. Hyaluronan, called native in tissues, has a molecular weight of 2.5 to 10 million Daltons. In the dermis it has an average molecular weight of 2.5 million Daltons and is synthesized by fibroblasts.

In large part, hyaluronic acid is responsible for the viscosity of the connective tissue of the dermis. Industrially, it is principally obtained by two different methods:

  • 1. Extraction of rooster's comb, after grinding, chemical treatment and purification.
  • 2. Bacterial fermentation: the filaments of hyaluronic acid are synthesized by genetically modified bacteria. Streptococcus equi.

Hyaluronic acid is essential to the hydration of the skin and its aesthetic appearance as it acts as a plumper by retaining water. Unfortunately, hyaluronic acid of the dermis disappears with age.


Dermyal® makes it possible to fill in wrinkles as well as remodel the volumes of the face. Dermyal® is formed of hyaluronic acid obtained by bacterial fermentation, it has a high molecular weight (2 to 3 million Daltons) and is crosslinked in several steps with BDDE (butanediol diglycidyl ether).

Dermyal® is a monophasic product: A single and homogeneous phase of crosslinked hyaluronic acid.

The tolerance of hyaluronic acids such as Dermyal® which are used for filling wrinkles has been demonstrated in many studies which have shown the extreme rarity of adverse events in hundreds of thousands of patients.

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About Dermyal®

Dermyal® is a hyaluronic acid of monophasic type, high molecular weight, reticulated with the BDDE (butanediol diglycidyl ether).

Already distributed in more than 50 countries, Dermyal exists in different concentrations and reticulations:

Dermyal18 :
18 mg/ml of reticulated NaHA - superficial Dermis.

Dermyal24R :
24 mg/ml of reticulated NaHA - Medium Dermis.

Dermyal32HR :
28 mg/ml of Highly reticulated NaHA.
Medium / Deep Dermis.

ectoDermyal (mesotherapy).

DermyalDL (Deep Layer).

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