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Claim back your youth now, for a long time & in total safety!

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Dermyal® is avalaible in 5 formulations, each allowing to erase the different wrinkles and restore the volumes & contours of your face.

Dermyal32HR and DermyalDL, the hyaluronic acids with the highest possible dosage, are used to erase deep layers & wrinkles.


Dermyal® injectables are extremely safe products ! The raw materials used come from genetic bioengineering & are highly purified. The cross-linkage technology used ("thickening" for longer-lasting effect) is the latest evolution of a technique proven for many years.


Dermyal® allows for immediate visible results. The corrections obtained right after the injections will continue to improve in the following days & weeks. Your total & immediate satisfaction is assured by the optimum quality of the Dermyal® line.


The results you will obtain are there to stay: from 6-12 months depending on the formulation type used & the indications treated. All subsequent corrections will generally require less product to be injected & will last even longer.

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